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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 29, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and breaking news. hurricane isaac sits directly over new orleans at this hour, with 80-mile-per-hour winds. the huge storm, slamming the entire gulf coast area. high wind gusts clocked at 113 miles per hour. 500,000 without power and hunkered down. and the levees overtopped by the endless rainfall. sam champion leading our team coverage all night from inside the hurricane zone. >> it's beginning to just shred this area with damage. signs and glass are going now. all down canal street. and governor chris christie fires up the republican convention with a fist-pump. making the case for mitt romney. taking a big swipe at the president. >> you see, mr. president. real leaders don't follow polls. real leaders change polls.
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and ann romney's star turn in the spotlight. welcome to the stage with thunderous cheers, as her sons wipe away tears. >> this man will not let us down. this man will lift up america. >> we are live covering both big stories right now. look at the rain, the winds, as we come on the air right now. hurricane isaac has stalled over new orleans. and we're getting up-to-the-minute information on that storm. and george is there in tampa, covering the gop convention, we remember that had to be delayed a day because of isaac. george. >> and the hurricane still top of mind here, robin. no question about that. but the first thing that ann
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romney said when she took the stage last night, is everyone here is thinking about those in the path of that hurricane. we're learning a lot more right now, as well. the levees that were flooded for miles in plaquemines parish, that they had been breeched. here's how the president of the parish described it. like standing in a light factory with a fire hose turned on. i know you'll be talking to him in a bit. >> and hurricane isaac make a second landfall overnight. sustained winds of 80 miles per hour. more than 500,000 people without power right now. our extreme weather team is covering it all. and sam leads our coverage from the heart of the storm in new orleans. good morning, sam. >> good morning, robin. with each update you're hoping for good news out of this storm that it has weakened or it has moved, but with every update we haven't see it move. let's take a look at the satellite. showing you the clouds and the
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rain circling the storm. all of that rain will be 20 inches in some places, when you seal the rain falling all morning long, you believe it. then the next couple of days that moisture spreads north and it's possible to get this kind of tropical moisture anywhere from the gulf all of the way up to the great lakes. this storm system will carry rain to an awful lot of people not used to seeing rain like this, but it's got a long way to go. but for these people right here, it doesn't seem like it's leaving. isaac's triple-threat of relentless rain, whipping winds and crawling movement is pounding southeastern louisiana. isaac first made landfall tuesday night at 6:45 central time near the mouth of the mississippi river, 75 miles from new orleans. just before coverage of the republican national convention. good evening, diane. we're above canal street in the heart of new orleans. and hurricane isaac made landfall in plaquemines parish. a storm surge up to 12 feet
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flooding roads. hours of 80-mile-per-hour winds, taking down trees and damaging electrical lines. at least 400,000 are without power. this storm was not to have this wind and rain rotating around new orleans until about 1:00 in the morning. this is the worst new orleans has seen from this storm so far. isaac's destructive slow crawl only pushed it 90 miles west in 9 hours before making a second landfall at 3:15 a.m. in port fourchon, louisiana. >> it's 4:30 in the morning eastern time. isaac is barely stationary. and the 80-mile-per-hour winds continue to blow around it. it's beginning to just shred this area with damage. signs and glass are going now all down canal street. in these pictures from space, isaac is seen inching its way along the coast, as slow as 8 miles per hour. the snail pace means that isaac could bring as much as 20 inches of rain to some areas in the next 24 hours.
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and its unrelenting winds mean more damage than expected in this category of a storm. bill weir is with me this morning to spend time with the people. they are optimistic throughout the whole thing. >> they have to be. that's why this town survived so many storms like this. never ceases to amaze me their attitude and this incredible atmosphere here. last night we went out in search of not only damage, but we also wanted to check on local attitudes. where there were trees on tuesday, there is kindling on magazine street this morning. power lines down, snaking across city streets, after transformers exploded across the city through the night. there were a handful of arrests early, as looters took advantage of the chaos. sheriffs, police, national guard, all out in force. the 17th street canal was able to maintain the rainfall and
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gusting waves, while the water in the orleans canal spewed. the ninth ward, nearly desserted. and our affiliate, wgno lost power while live on the air. >> we lost the power, as well. >> reporter: during breaks in the rain bands, we went in search of local color. i was here for katrina. i was here for gustav. but i never had a chance to experience a true local tradition, which is a locals hurricane party. explain the mindset of a local here. is there dread? any fear? >> i was here for katrina. i have to admit that i was a little nervous. >> in the end, it's just a matter of security. you know what?
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we're come here because if something really bad happens, all these people here, i'm sure they can help you do something. >> reporter: then again, that was around midnight. a lot of people left that bar, 6:00 a.m. and the winds, stronger. the rain coming down harder than ever. >> it's a long storm, and we're here throughout. robin. >> it is far from over, sam. thank you. now, to more on the powerful floods swamping the mississippi gulf coast, thousands of people fleeing their homes. we'll get a check on alabama in a moment. first, abc's ginger zee has the latest from gulfport, mississippi. how are the conditions there, ginger? >> reporter: robin, winds have gusted to at least 50 miles per hour. that's just one of the threats. tornado warnings are swarming us. when the hurricane hits the friction of the land you get slowed friction of the surface higher winds up top. you have the tornado threat again all along the gulf coast today. behind me you see the surf kicking up. only mej vehicles and media allowed to come through. flooding rains were an issue
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last night. we drove around and saw it. highway 90 which is the main thoroughfare behind me has been shut down. the curfew has been extended just to keep people safe. let's get to plaquemines parish president, billy nungesser. billy, tell us about the conditions right now this that area? >> well, the water came up so quickly. as our operators tried to leave, their truck become inundated with water. they are stranded at this time. one of the residents that's probably several thousand feet from them, is taking a boat and attempting to rescue them. we've got a report of a woman on a roof. the rain and wind are blowing so hard, you can't see five feet in front of your face. >> i know it's hard work. and you don't know until day break what exactly you're dealing with. and the conditions as they still are. do you have any idea, billy, how
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the other levees are holding up around the city? >> well, the ones that are in protection, i hear no reports anywhere. right here in belle chasse, we are in the federal system. that's why we were able to evacuate and open a shelter. and hundreds of people took our warning and got out and came to the shelter here. and we think more people came this time because of the protection in belle chasse, we didn't have to bus them four hours away out of harm's way. >> i know you were thinking of others, billy. and you personally suffered some property loss. what exactly happened at your home? >> i have a four by four hole in my roof. several pieces of roof in my front yard. the back wall of my house moved a couple feet. and with each gust of wind, it's like you're breathing in and out. i was shocked. we saw that. i rode out katrina. that's what we saw from katrina. i think my house is going to
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have more damage from this storm than katrina. this is not a category 1. this storm has been relentless. and the wind and rain has not given up, has not slowed up in this parish, for not a minute since this whole thing started. >> billy, please know we're thinking of you and all those being affected right now by hurricane isaac. you stay safe. just know we're thinking of you. take care. >> thank you so much. >> you hear him say, seven years ago today was hurricane katrina. and for him and others, it doesn't matter if it's category 1, 2, 3, 4, you have damage to your home, it's bad. >> this is something you've been talking about all week long. the fact that not only new orleans, although it's stalling there, it's the entire gulf coast. and you want to hear from your family, from loved ones, your friends, that they're okay. there's so many stories that will arise as this thing continues to make landfall this morning. >> we will keep everybody updated. josh is here by my side because george is down there in tampa, for the rnc. good morning again, george. >> good morning, robin, josh.
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may be a day late because of hurricane isaac, but ann romney and chris christie really fired up the crowd here last night. the big question now, did they do enough to sell mitt romney and the gop for all the voters still deciding around the country? that's "your voice, your vote." abc's david muir joining me right now. a very small focus group. but the mitt romney family here last night. >> so thrilled. watching the boise on the stands up here. they were wiping away tears long after their mother was done speaking. i spoke with a senior strategist with the governor and his wife. and he said he had never seen governor romney as nervous as he was as that moment his wife was called out on the stage. she came out and made the case. and as it says in the morning papers, she told the american people to get to know him. it was clear who she was making that pitch to. it was ann romney's moment. the biggest speech of her life. and the biggest opportunity for this campaign to reach out to women. she took advantage of it. >> it's the moms of this nation, single, married, widowed, who really hold this country together. we're the mothers.
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we're the wives. we're the grandmothers. we're the big sisters. we're the little sisters. and we are the daughters. you know it's true, don't you? >> reporter: arguing, it's the women in american families who always work a little bit harder. >> and the working moms, who love their jobs, but would like to work just a little less to spend more time with the kids. >> reporter: at one point, simply offering this. >> i love you, women. >> reporter: she spoke of a tougher economy for families. and of tough solutions ahead. >> we're too smart to know there aren't easy answers, but we're not dumb enough to think there aren't better answers. >> reporter: and she spoke of her marriage. she said it is hardly, as some have described, a storybook. >> the storybooks never have chapters called m.s. or breast cancer. a storybook marriage? not at all. what mitt romney and i have is a real marriage.
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>> reporter: the five boys in the crowd, wiping away tears. and from behind the stage, a nervous husband, proudly emerges for a kiss. and for ann romney on the personal side, to the man who would pounce. new jersey governor chris christie, taking on the president. >> mr. president, real leaders don't follow polls. real leaders change polls. >> reporter: but it seemed that chris christie spent more time speaking of himself. >> i believe. i say. when i came into office. me -- >> reporter: it would be 17 minutes before he would mention the man running for president. >> we have a nominee who will tell us the truth and lead with conviction. and now, he has a running mate to do the same. and we have governor romney and congressman paul ryan. we need to make them the next president and vice president of the united states. >> reporter: of course, chris christie and ann romney on the stage here last night. tonight, it is paul ryan's turn. ann romney will try to take the star power of the last 24 hours
7:14 am
here and take it down the road in this key swing state of florida. she has several events lined up here today. george? >> that's the story from last night. thanks, david. let's look ahead at the man who will be introducing governor romney tomorrow night. that's the home state senator, marco rubio. good to see you, senator. >> good morning. >> chris christie, firing up the crowd. some people noting it took him a while to get to mitt romney. that he didn't do enough to actually build the case for mitt romney. >> it takes the moments in the beginning to build the case. if you listen to the speech, it was a carefully-crafted, well-delivered speech about what leadership was about. what he's saying islash, some of the tough choices we have to make are not going to be popular. that's what leadership is about. the conclusion is the one he needed to make. mitt romney is the only one running for president that's going to tell us the hard truth. and is going to help us confront the challenges we have. >> tonight, paul ryan. no question he's going to be popular in this crowd right here. you saw what the democrats did the minute he was picked, right here in florida. they come out and say his plans will end medicare as we know it.
7:15 am
did his choice hurt mitt romney's candidacy? >> absolutely not. tonight, the american people, mills who don't know much about paul ryan will get to know paul ryan as many of us know him. as a serious policy thinker. someone who brings a unique life experience because of his age, because of our generation. but at the same time, someone who is as deep and serious a thinker about our issues as ever before. >> on medicare, the democrats will argue that the voucher plan will put the risks of the rising costs on the backs of the medicare beneficiaries. >> in florida, where i represent 3 million people on medicare, one of them is my mother. the other is paul ryan's mother. they understand reality. this is a program that is spending more money than it takes in. >> if mitt romney's going to win this race, he has to do better with hispanic voters than he is doing right now, right? >> he has to do better with all voters. and our message is one that appeals to all voters. at the end of the day, no community in america has been impacted more by the failures of this administration's policies.
7:16 am
>> your party has a platform that calls for self-deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants. democrats are taking aim of that. look at what the chairman of the democratic convention, the mayor of l.a., that you cannot put out a brown face or spanish surname and get votes. he was referring to you. >> what he is saying is true for both parties. policies matter. we have to be the pro-legal immigration party. and mitt romney has done that. >> president obama has suspended the deportation of young immigrants brought here by their parents. it's been hard to figure out where mitt romney is on this issue. you talk about hard truths. what is the hard truth here? will he rescind that executive order? or keep it in place? >> when he is president, there will be a permanent solution. >> what about the executive order? >> the prop with the executive
7:17 am
order is twofold. you have the contusional problems that ignores the separation of powers. >> he will rescind it? >> i don't know what he will do on the policy. he will replace it. >> what do you hope to do tomorrow night? >> i hope to present to the people in the united states, with the few minutes i have, two things. a unique human being, mitt romney, who has lived his wife in a way that's admirably, but really a role model. irrespectful how people may think about his policies. they may disagree with him on policies. and the choice that americans have. two different views of government in our economy. it's not just a choice between a democrat and a republican. it's the choice between different futures. i hope i can do that tomorrow night. >> good luck tomorrow night. thanks, senator. we'll have much more from the republican convention starting at 10:00 p.m. eastern. josh, one more big story in new york. >> yes. we're following overnight. conflicting situations about the raid that killed osama bin laden. in his new book "no easy day, a
7:18 am
former navy saefl .e.a.l. it says that osama bin laden was shot while looking out the door of his compound, unarmed. that contradicts the account given by the obama administration, which says the s.e.a.l.s shot bin laden, only after he went back into the bedroom to apparently grab a weapon. the book claims that one of the s.e.a.l.s later sat on bin laden's body, not treating it with the dignity that government officials have described. the release of the book has been moved up one week, to september 4th, in part because of the intense publicity it is receiving. we'll have the latest on that. right now, let's go back down to new orleans. hurricane isaac has made landfall. that's where we find our sam champion. sam? >> good morning again, josh. josh, i've got to tell you. this is nothing like your every day garden variety category 1. one of the worst most destructive hurricanes i've seen that has done building damage. by that, i mean the buildings
7:19 am
and the winds and the trees and the power lines, with dolly -- also a cat corner 1 in 2008, that stayed on the coast of texas. this storm will just stay in this area. it's basically been blocked by the area of high pressure that's creating all of that heat in the northern part of the country. and denver has had a couple of days of 100-degree temperatures. it's likely they'll do it again. and until the heat swings to the east, this storm has no place to go. when it does go, it will go all the way up in the middle of the country. and it will take the heavy rain to an awful lot of places that aren't used to the tropical moisture.
7:20 am
>> much more from sam and isaac ahead. also ahead, the u.s. open umpire. has made calls for some of the greatest tennis players on the planet. accused of killing her husband with a coffee cup. now her attorneys are speaking out. and vegas showdown -- why music mogul quincy jones is
7:21 am
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7:25 am
victim over sounding a event and flashing a light he handcuffed her to be her to a secluded area where the attack took place. the victim says she was too traumatized to report the crime right away. frances is following the commute. quite a few problems, including injury crash at the bay bridge toll backed you up into the maze on and off-ramps west macarthur to 580 blocked due to police activity and investigation. westbound 580 altamont pass injury crash heavy into livermore another injury crash on the pens peninsula, north 101 at peninsula avenue. when we come back
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welcome back. picture from vollmer peak some of clouds leg the golden gate bridge varying conditions there. -- temperatures close to average today from three degrees warmer in livermore to oakland. 60s with sun along the coast, 70s, 80s bay, 80s a few 90s
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live pictures of biloxi, mississippi, where there's a storm surge right now from hurricane isaac. and the gulf coast, just to the west of the hurricane, new orleans. sam will have the latest from new orleans, as we say good morning, america. george is at the republican national convention in tampa, right now. a big night for the gop. right, george? >> it sure is. and a big night for paul ryan. he's the vice presidential nominee for the republicans. young man, going to have the speech of his life tonight. just 42 years old. everyone watching him. we know he is popular with everyone here in this crowd. the question is, can he make the case for everyone else in the country? tonight is a big moment for him. we'll have all of that tonight. diane and i anchoring, starting at 10:00 eastern. we'll check in with you again tomorrow. >> you got it.
7:31 am
also, coming up, the clash of two las vegas titans. the bizarre showdown that has legend quincy jones in the middle. we'll explain that. we're going to get right to abc's matt gutman, in the middle of the storm zone. mobile, alabama, where isaac is roaring in. matt, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, josh. we're about 150 miles away from the heart of this storm. but still getting pelted by rain overnight. this is not a lake. but we've been watching the water rise two feet. we've seen mandatory evacuation orders. most sea levels. i don't think the residents have told us they have not seen flooding this bad since hurricane katrina. . the airport is closed. big problem for locals as the wind and rain push the water up the bay. the flooding will get worse.
7:32 am
robin. . >> that's an example how massive the storm is. we'll keep you updated. and to the tennis player. abc nick watt is in los angeles, i know you put tough questions to her corners. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. lois goodman should be at the u.s. open keeping the greatest players on our planet online, instead she's in the the l.a. county jail. and the genteel tennis world has never seen a scandal like it. lois goodman was nabbed in the big apple on the eve of the open and charged with first-degree murder. cops claimed she bludgeoned her husband of 50 years to death at their l.a. home, with a coffee mug and stabbed him with a broken shard. >> we located the coffee mug in several pieces at the crime scene.
7:33 am
>> i think it's absurd. what do you mean a coffee cup as a murder weapon? >> reporter: goodman's lawyers argue, their 70-year-old client, who once sparred on court with john mcenroe, is just a frail, old lady. >> it's physically impossible for her to have committed this offense. >> reporter: why? >> she has had two full knee replacements. she's had a shoulder replacement. she wears two hearing aids. and also has rheumatoid arthritis. >> reporter: if you're arguing that she's so physically frail, why is she getting a job at the u.s. open as line judge? >> to work at the u.s. open, you don't have to be able to swing a coffee cup. >> reporter: goodman claims her husband suffered a heart attack and fell down the stairs. cops bought that theory until an autopsy revealed deep, penetrating blunt force trauma that was consisted with being inflicted with a sharp object. only then did they investigate the alleged murder screen. police say goodman had been e-mailing with another man. the police are alleging that she
7:34 am
was involved with some guy on the internet. >> that is preposterous. absolutely insane, did not happen. >> reporter: lois goodman, who elicited an apology from the great andre agassi after he challenged a call, is fighting to clear her name. and her lawyers say the police botched that crime scene. that their client is no danger to society whatsoever. they're in court today asking she be released on bail. her daughters are standing behind her mom. one of them wrote that her parents were adorable together. he was the yin to her yang. josh. now, to the florida teenager who is charged with impersonating a doctor's assistant and treating patients. his trial is under way. and in opening statements, his lawyer said the hospital is to blame. abc's john schriffen has that story. >> why did you do this? >> reporter: depending on who
7:35 am
jurors believe, matthew scheidt was either an overeager teen interested in medicine. >> individuals did not believe he was a p.a. >> reporter: or he was a skilled con man, playing doctor. >> dressed in the scrubs, the stethoscope around the neck. even had the terminology. ♪ come fly with me >> reporter: like a scene from the movie "catch me if you can." >> i'm a doctor. >> reporter: the 18-year-old florida man is on trial this morning, accused of masquerading as a physician assistant in this osceola hospital. he faces 25 years in jail for impersonating a p.a. and practicing medicine without a license, even performing cpr on a patient who was overdosing. when he was arrested last september, he talked openly to police about what happened. >> that's when he said, can you take over cpr? i started to do cpr on her for like a minute, two minutes. while he went out there and got medication. >> reporter: in court on tuesday, scheidt's attorney blames hospital administrators who gave him a badge for physician assistant, without checking credentials.
7:36 am
a fact prosecutors were forced to concede. >> did you verify what mr. scheidt had told you? >> i didn't. >> why did you not verify? >> the office was very busy. >> reporter: scheidt's lawyer said he never lied and never intended to deceive anyone. and he told those who asked that he was a student. prosecutors lined up a series of witnesses who said the teen intentionally played the part of a professional. >> you specifically saw mr. scheidt, matthew scheidt, performing chest compressions? >> yes. >> i had walked into the room and observed him with a stethoscope to a patient's chest, listening to breath sounds. and he had an i.v. catheter in his hand. >> reporter: and the prosecution will pick up with a long list of witnesses again today. interestingly, once this trial wraps up, scheidt faces other charges for impersonating a police officer, even allegedly pulling over a car. for that offense, josh, he can face up to an additional 22 years in prison. >> the levels of life imitating art here, know no bounds.
7:37 am
let's turn to our sam champion. he is in new orleans. that means he is in hurricane isaac's path this morning. sam? >> good morning, josh. and actually, a lot of folks are tweeting, going are we being safe? and ginger and i are definitely being safe. but let me tell you. we're actually a little protected here along canal street. we have a 40-mile-per-hour to 60-mile-per-hour wind. we have buildings on both sides of us that are knocking the wind back. take the wind you can see me standing in with the rain, and imagine closer to the center of the storm in southern louisiana, that 80-mile-per-hour constant wind and this kind of rain that will last for hours. i can't tell you how important that is that this rain doesn't go away. and neither does this wind. it will shred in the damage. a quick look at the weather around the country. and we'll talk a little bit about the heat, three-day heat,
7:38 am
just kind of up there in the northern area, will swing a little bit towards the eefd, and >> josh, imagine in all this, we have reports of fire and also in that plaquemines parish area, the overtopping of one of the levees, forcing some evacuations. josh? >> all right. sam champion we'll be right back with you. coming up here, the clash of the las vegas titans. bizarre showdown that has music legend quincy jones caught in the middle. legend quincy jones caught in the middle. we're here at walmart with gabriel and sylvia whose sons are going back to college. they need a new phone and you guys need a better plan. you want to see what walmart's got? [ family ] sure. let's go.
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battle of two las vegas megamillionaires. casino mogul, steve wynn, charging "girls gone wild" creator, joe francis, with slander. and a music legend is in the middle of it all. linsey davis has the showdown in sin city. >> reporter: it's the clash of two of vegas' biggest titans. in this corner, billionaire hotel tycoon steve wynn. in the other, multimillionaire "girls gone wild" creator, joe francis. the two have been duking it out in court for more than three years over millions in gambling debts. now, wynn is accusing francis of slander. saying he's falsely accused the casino king of a murder plot. court papers allege francis has been telling people wynn threatened to kill him by barking him in the back of the head with a shovel then digging him a sandy grave away from the
7:44 am
vegas strip. the star witness expected in court next week, none other than music legend, quincy jones. francis says jones is one of his best friends. and told him about alleged e-mails he saw from wynn about his deadly intentions. wynn says it's all untrue. his attorney releasing this statement to abc news. saying, joe francis says he saw e-mails that don't exist. everything is a lie. >> jones is the key to this case. without jones, there is no death threat because there is no e-mail that has been produced. >> reporter: their bitter battle started in 2009, when the man who made his multimillions with these raunchy spring break videos, allegedly wracked up a seven-figure gambling debt at one of wynn's casinos. wynn took him to court. after francis accused wynn of faulty practices, a judge ordered francis to pay wynn $7.5 million in february. now, wynn says francis' latest allegation cannot be ignored
7:45 am
because it has a serious effect on his reputation. and they're gambling that a judge will take their side once again. an attorney for joe francis told abc news that francis does believe he was in danger. and he went to the judge to seek protection from the court system. the quincy jones camp had no comment. but both sides hoping he will sing like a bird. >> not sure that's going to happen. thank you. coming up, everybody, we have josh with a rocky "play of the day." why this couple tied the knot on a mountain top. we're going to talk to them live. because i didn't just get him a pair of nikes, i got him the pair of nikes. look - he can barely control himself. (in her head) i'm amazing. the styles they'll totally freak over for back to school are here.
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7:49 am
here's "the play of the here's "the play of the day." >> literally, ain't no mountain high enough here. >> one of my favorite songs ever. >> it will make sense.
7:50 am
take a look. one of the most amazing pictures you've seen in some time. that is bob ewing, and antonie hodge ewing, avid rock climbers. and now, husband and wife. august 10th they say i do, in the west virginia mountains, on top of that 900-foot rock. seneca mountains. with the wedding party, by the way. they said their i dos. now, joining us via skype from their home in arlington, virginia, to talk about it. okay, you crazy kids. mazal tov to you both. but whose idea was it to get married on this rock? >> it was mine. bob proposed to me on a route a little bit lower. and i said, why don't we just get married here, as well, because it's so pretty. >> and how many in the wedding party? and did they have to sign on for this, too? >> our wedding party wasn't able to attend. we had limited space. so, we had bob's two -- bob's brother was there and two good friends. and my mother and a guide. >> oh.
7:51 am
>> your mom? >> and the guide with the headdress. okay. >> my mom was determined to make it up. >> what about the dress? did you climb in your dress? >> yes. my mother gave me her wedding dress from 40 years before, which is a very simple dress. and i climbed in it. >> oh, boy. we're seeing pictures of it right now, the hike up. that is staggering. bob and antonie, congratulations, you two. we really appreciate you being with us, and thanks for coming down safely. >> look at the helmet. >> my josh. go nowhere. lots more still to come. [ female announcer ] quaker yogurt granola bars.
7:52 am
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the trainer to the stars, coming up. good morning i'm eric thomas. in san jose overnight fire destroyed a commercial nursery on almaden and branham. the blazer resulted before midnight crews were concerned about pesticides and other toxic material that might be inside. they let the chemicals burn out for a while before turning on their hoses to prevent chemicals from mixing with ground water. big story, good morning close to average today from three degrees warmer livermore and oakland to one to two degrees cooler around san francisco temperatures 60s coast, 70s, 80s bay, 80s, 90s
7:57 am
inland. significant drop friday and saturday. big delays at the bay bridge because of motorcycle injury crash approaching motoring lights toll backed up into the maze, -- 30 minute wait. westbound traffic sluggish. the news continue
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] mandisa sang this earlier in the week. and we can't stop singing it. good morning, america. great crowd here in times square. george is at the national convention in tampa, working hard. and everybody knows -- ♪ sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name ♪ >> we're not going to do a recreation of "the jeffersons. " we're looking at the famous duos. norm and cliff. and it was really about jack and karen. laverne and shirley. talk about dynamic duos. we're going to do a countdown.
8:01 am
>> cool. that's great. >> i was hoping we would see another shot of another laverne and shirley. you shot that down, didn't you? darn it. and also, she's one of the hottest trainers, helping stars like jennifer lopez and gwyneth paltrow, getting back in shape. now a lot of mothers are taking aim at her after her comments about women letting their bodies go. she's here to discuss that. >> got some explaining to do. >> i did a little bit. i just relaxed. >> yeah. >> i think kate wants a cookie. and mommy's here to deliver. so, we also have megadeals and steals. from the perfect purse. i love these guys too. they are fabulous. everything you need to get organized for the fall. we want you to be ready for it. it is just around the corner. and just for you, our "gma" viewers. we haven't forgotten about what folks down south are dealing with, with hurricane isaac. we'll have much more on that
8:02 am
ahead. first some news were josh we have breaking news on hurricane isaac. right now, the storm has made landfall twice in louisiana. packing sustained winds of 80 miles per hour. gusts in excess of 110 miles per hour. the major concern, the flooding. south of new orleans in plaquemines parish, water has now topped a levee. and people are trapped in homes, stuck on rooftops. familiar scenes all. the water some nine feet deep in some houses. in new orleans, 500,000 homes and businesses without power. sam is there right now. sam, what do you see? >> reporter: hey, josh, good morning. with every update, the news just gets worse for this area because this storm does not move. and it still has high sustained winds of about 80 miles per hour. so, you're looking for this storm to weaken. you're looking for this storm to move. but it's not doing it. let me show you a radar -- let me show you radar here.
8:03 am
it's just staying put. and you can see we have the bands of rain just wrapping and wrapping around over the same area. this is one of the ways i describe a storm like this. if you put your finger on the panel of a blender and hit pulse one time, it will chop things up. but if you hold your finger there and it puts the blades over and over and mashes it up into a real fine paste. that's exactly what's going to happen with the area of louisiana and mississippi. this wind keeps going over it and over it again and this rain keeps on falling. the rain will eventually spread into the middle of the country. but right now, it's this country that has to deal with this storm. and our ginger zee, is in gulfport, where we have coastal flooding issues and flooding going on there. ginger, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam good morning, everyone. i'm on the outside of that blender there. that's how you would describe it. still, very gusty winds. up to 55-mile-per-hour gusts. 30 sustained.
8:04 am
you see the surf behind me, it's really picking up. here's the news. in the next couple of hours, flooding over interstate 90 is going to get worse because high tide is coming in the next couple of hours. we've had tornado warnings up and down and around this part of the coastline. that's going to be an issue for much of the day. tornado threats. the flooding threat. and of course, the continued debris of all of this wind. josh? >> all right, ginger. ginger and sam, thank you both. and again, staying as safe as they can. sam's going to update the track isaac is taking in his full weather segment in just moments. meanwhile, vice presidential nominee paul ryan gets to make his case as he takes the stage at the republican convention in tampa. ann romney firing up the crowd last night, bringing her sons to tears and talking about her marriage. meanwhile, tough talk in tampa. new jersey governor chris christie took direct aim taking on president obama.
8:05 am
but he was criticized to wait 17 minutes to mention mitt romney's name. and the former s.e.a.l. who took pardon in the raid that killed osama bin laden is contradicting events. the unarmed bin laden was shot in the head looking out his bedroom door. the white house had said that bin laden was shot after he darted back into his room, possibly to grab a weapon. and the white house has unveiled new rules of the road. when it comes to fuel efficiency. it's challenging automakers by the year 2025, to reach an average of 54.5 miles her gallon. that's across all models, trucks to electric vehicles. it's also twice the mileage today's vehicles gets. united airlines apologizing this morning after a major computer failure. just the latest glitch stemming from its merger with continental. at least 200 flights were canceled or delayed on tuesday. finally, take a look at this, as isaac, again, hits this morning. as always, life must go on. and look at evidence of it.
8:06 am
video of turtles, hatching directly into the storm surge and high winds, when isaac was lashing the coast of western florida on monday. pompano beach, florida. all these guys and gals scampered their way into the sea, with some human help, to be clear. on they go. boy. they jumped into a -- some turbulent watters there. it is something of a whirlpool. and off they go. >> nice to see that. >> i have to agree. seriously, the anxiety of those with family down there. like texting during your -- getting messages. but when you do see that, you know that life -- >> is everybody okay? >> yeah. so far, everything seems to be fine on the mississippi gulf coast, for my family. very relieved. give me the "pop news" to pick up the spirits. >> i'm going to do my best for you and your family and all of you. good morning, everybody. in showbiz news, it looks like
8:07 am
"x," marks the spot for justin bieber. word on the street is that he has in fact signed on to be a celebrity mentor on "the "x-facto "x-factor" the biebs join a list of celebs that have signed up for the talent show, including rihanna and julio iglesias, and mariah carey. "american idol" just had to have her. they snapped her up to replace j. lo on next season's show. for $17 million. matthew mcconaughey. >> hey. >> why? >> he is enjoying a resurgence in his career, for what will be a shoo-in at the academy awards. "magic mike. " and a big role that's causing him to shrink before our eyes. that's not the one. feel free to keep that picture up. this is the new one. look how different he looks. he is so gaunt. he will star along leo dicaprio, and jean desjardins.
8:08 am
and these are big powerful movies. then he has another big role. and congratulations for his incredible work in "magic mike." >> academy award. right. hey, it's been a month, i know you haven't forgeten since robert pattinson and kristin stewart's split. now, pattinson is selling the l.a. home he shared with stewart, though she has not moved out. pattinson bought that house for $6.3 million less than a year ago for the two of them to live in. but it is reportedly over. he, in fact, joked with jimmy kimmel last week about being homeless. so, here's to hoping that pattinson finds a new place to call his own soon. >> i think he'll be fine. i'm not worried about r-pats.
8:09 am
we met him here. >> i missed him when he was here. i almost came back from vacation just for that. >> lovely and charming. >> i have something of a crush. finally, this snapshot of a so-called lion. this is a real story out of england. on the loose, it set off a frenzy in britain over the weeks end. police and animal experts tran tickly searching for that. what one man described as 1 million percent lion. he may have been 1% right. it is a feline. but king of the front porch. the lion was an american house cat. the name of said cat, teddy bear. and this, at one point, guys, set off 30 officers, 2 helicopters, out searching for that fierce creature. >> how could that happen? i know this is a follow-up-free zone. how could that happen? >> because somebody saw that big beast lurking in the midst. and they called 911. >> a little unclear on the concept of foreground and background. >> that's "pop news." let's get it down to sam
8:10 am
champion once again in hurricane isaac's direct path. sam, in new orleans? >> hey, josh, lara, robin. good morning, everybody. i'll tell you, this is unbelievable. since this thing made landfall at about 6:45 central time, it has not let up. it just hasn't let up. let's show you some pictures of the coastline. go ahead. the officers are pulling around. we have a lot of police presence around the area, making sure that people are not on the street. good morning, ladies and gentlemen. thank you for what you're doing. these are the pictures from gulfport this morning. the waves are high. the center of that storm when it was well offshore. we had 30-foot seas with that storm. all of that energy is being transported on to the shoreline right now, and also in the form of rain. let me show you what's going to happen to south louisiana and also mississippi, these areas during the day today with this rain, it's up to 20 inches of
8:11 am
rain locally. when you see how it's coming down for hours without let-up, you know that's true. look at what happens with this rain as we get into the week and maybe even the weekend. this rain will be sitting in the northern parts of the country. it's hard to believe that chicago and detroit will be getting any kind of tropical moisture. but this storm system will be carrying a lot of rain up through the middle of the country. a quick look at the big board today. we have eight states in the west under red flag watches or warnings for fire warnings there. and the winds are not going to let up. it's not going to be easy for you there. it's not easy for the folks in new orleans or the mississippi coastline this morning.
8:12 am
>> we have wind gusts, now, from 40 to 70 miles per hour, right here in new orleans. and we are live on canal street. lara, it's a tough day with this storm. >> all right, sam. we do so appreciate you being down there, though. here's a look at what else we have coming up on our "gma morning menu." one of hollywood's hottest celebrity trainers under fire from moms. tracy anderson is live to talk about it. plus, tv's hottest dynamic duos together again. your favorites, reunited. and "deals and steals" just for you, our "gma" viewers. you do not want to miss these. all that and more coming up on "gma," live from times square. you do not want to miss these. all that and more coming up on "gma," live from times square. this happy couple used capital one venture miles for their "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards...
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8:18 am
comments that has some women a little upset. she talks about using pregnancy to let their bodies go. well, she's under fire right now. we'll talk to tracy about that in a moment but first, take a look. her roster of clients is a who's who of hollywood's hottest bodies. j. lo, kate, gwyneth. >> nothing worked for me the way tracy's method worked. >> reporter: with fitness studios in new york, l.a. and london, tracy anderson is the go-to celebrity trainer. gwyneth paltrow even shared the routine tracy created for her on oprah. >> oh, my god, these kill my butt. her workouts for expectant moms. now, tracy who gave birth in may, is sparking conversation about some comments she made to "du jour" magazine. >> a lot of women use pregnancy
8:19 am
as a excuse to let their bodies go. i've seen so many women come to we right after having children, with disaster bodies that have gone through hell. during her first pregnancy, tracy gained 60 pounds, eating hog dogs and milkshakes. but with her second, she says she did things differently. gaining just half that. and adding in workouts. >> i do agree with tracy anderson in the sense that many women use pregnancy as an excuse to eat much more than they should be eating. but on the other hand, i think you shouldn't be too quick to judge women who have just given birth. >> reporter: but even anderson admits getting back in shape post-baby is hard. her first day back in the gym, she said, was an incredibly demoralizing moment in my life. and tracy anderson is joining us right now to talk about those comments and about your beautiful, little girl. hi, tracy. >> hi. thank you for having me. i'm so mortified. it sounds so bad when it comes back like that. it's not what i meant. >> what did you mean when you said the comments about women using pregnancy as an excuse? to eat what they want?
8:20 am
>> absolutely. first of all, i spent 14 years very focused, creating all of this original content. testing of women to make sure i can give women something that really works, so they can be their most empowered self and be their most beautiful self. the last thing i would do is judge a women, especially after children. what i mean, pregnancy is difficult, and every pregnancy is completely unique. and we crave a lot. i think in today's society, where women have all sort of pressure to look a certain way, i think they turn to diet a lot, that's what works for them. fitness routines usually let them down. when they do get pregnant, it's not only -- i'm going to let my body go for this pregnancy. but it's like, i can eat all the things that i never let myself eat. >> right. >> and so, because i see women who come to me after pregnancy. and they didn't need to necessarily gain that much. >> or it's not a need thing, though. i have two. especially with my second, i
8:21 am
said, i'm going to stop and smell the roses here and enjoy it. if my body wants a cookie, i'm going to eat the cookie. >> i totally agree. i totally agree, you have to. but research is really telling us now for women, to have empty calories going in our bodies during pregnancy, we're setting our baby up, in the first nine months of life, for the rest of their life with their health. so, we do have to conscious of it. we absolutely have -- >> of course. >> our instinct is the most important thing, though. we, as women, have to listen to our bodies, our cravings. our bodies will tell us what we need, for sure. and i exercised conservative through my pregnancy. >> i want to just tell you, your comments in "du jour" magazine got a lot of comments. one woman wrote, when are we going to let celebrities stop influencing us in such a narcissistic way. your baby's needs come first.
8:22 am
your appearance comes after. she had a very natural experience and was calm about the whole process. and just is letting herself enjoy. she is doing attachment parenting. >> i am, too. >> slow and steady wins the race. we had another woman that wrote. i agree that moms use pregnancy as an excuse to let their bodies go. stop being lazy -- i don't think it's laziness. my own opinion. i've been there, it's hard. work at it when you have time during the day or night. and you know you do. this is an issue that women are really talking about. >> first of all, i'm nursing and practicing attachment parenting. she's right upstairs right now as we speak. i didn't want to lose the weight, especially nutrition-wise, too quickly. you need to make sure you're eating enough for breast-feeding as well, which i'm doing. the pregnancy project i did is so women can have the tools to exercise and keep their muscular structure together during pregnancy.
8:23 am
naturally our spines change, our hips exchange and all those kinds of things. we have a lot more power to stay connected to our bodies than we think. >> so, in essence, your comments, which did have a little bit of a backlash. >> yes. >> what were you trying to say? >> i was trying to say that, i spent my pregnancy filming nine different pregnancy dvds, to help empower women with mussular structure work for the days they feel like moving, that they can have something. i have a roster from my doctor, to christy turlington, to gwyneth paltrow, all on the pregnancy project. telling women, reassuring women that it is a unique experience. it is -- gwnneth craved haagen-dazs. i craved cheeseburgers like
8:24 am
crazy. >> everything in moderation. >> stay connected to your body. and your body doesn't have to be sacrificed forever. it's empowering to get your weight off, to get your body back. >> all right. tracy anderson, the pregnancy project. you've done great work. i know you will continue to. thank you for coming in and for clearing that up. you look great. and good luck with penny. >> thank you so much. robin, we're going to give it back to you in the studio. >> lara, thank you. one of the things that makes a tv show great is the relationships between the characters. especially those duos whose chemistry lights up the screen in unforgettable ways. we have a sneak peek at the abc special on tv's dynamic duos, reuniting some of the greatest pairs in tv history. here's a look. whether it's quarrelling lovers. >> bang. >> reporter: or the best of friends. >> try it. i can't feel a thing. >> reporter: nothing makes a great tv show, quite like a great couple. >> let's get it on. >> reporter: sifting through almost 60 years of marriages. >> you had to pay. >> reporter: friendships, and teenage slackers, to find 30 bffs, who have become more than just part of our primetime.
8:25 am
part of our lives. "will & grace" was the name of the serious. but it was often the miss chief just -- >> up yours. >> reporter: hilarious, jack and karen, who stole not only scenes, but often the whole show. >> we had so much fun playing those parts. we had fun on camera and off camera, just being dorks. >> good for you. good for you. >> reporter: as much as we loved watching richie and the fonz -- >> hey, fonzie. >> reporter: it was when two single gals doing it their way, that tv history was truly made. >> we wanted to be on our own. but not totally on our own because we had each other. >> let me buy you a beer. >> reporter: and who could forget the world's most famous barflies. for 11 unforgettable seasons, cliff clavin and norm peterson, were the heart and soul of "cheers." >> i have dreams about "cheers." i wake myself up laughing.
8:26 am
>> our job was to sit at a bar and crack jokes. a treasure. a real treasure. >> reporter: only 1 of the 30 tv twosomes can be number one. we ask you to choose. and sunday night, we'll really know who is tv's most dynamic duo. so who's number one? you can find out when i have the pleasure of hosting "tv's most dynamic duo" on sunday here on abc. i have to say, i was quite surprised. >> wow. >> i was. >> that's a fun project. >> who are your faves? >> the go-to, laverne and shirley. can't live without them. >> i'm going to go archie and edith. they taught me so much. comedy, life. >> for me, it was cliff and claire huxtable. for the same reason. >> there you go. "deals and steals" coming up.
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. several san francisco families are waiting word on when next get back into their homes after a water main break. this is this morning at the huge sinkhole left by yesterday's break that flooded streets. repair crews have been working to restore water service to 14 homes. the church next to our lady of visitacion school was flooded classes there cancelled for up to two weeks. >> more traffic now kids are back-to-school. you can definitely see the change in the traffic busier, more accidents. bay bridge toll backed up to the maze because of earlier injury crash near the toll plaza metering lights and across the richmond san rafael bridge an accident, slow
8:28 am
there. you will find a lot of jammed traffic south bay northbound 280 heavy san jose to cupert
8:29 am
welcome back. clouds receding from the bay area. temperatures today big story close to average warm summer afternoons operate way for most of the areas of course slightly cooler at the coast
8:30 am
with 60s, 70s bay, 80s inland ♪ everybody [ cheers and applause ] listening to some backstreet boys. great crowd here with us, on a wednesday. george is in tampa at the republican national convention. you know that sam is down in new orleans, covering hurricane isaac. we're just two days away from a big party in the park. the backstreet boys, reunited on our stage. so, what do you want to ask them? you can vote for your favorite question on the "gma" app on your smartphone or on our facebook page. >> please, do. and also here today, chad, paul and terry, with "the oogie
8:31 am
love." doing the big balloon adventure. >> i love that. >> how you delivered that. it's like you're a man who really knows that. with little sarina. >> they set it up on the screen. it's amazing. you don't have to be charlize theron to steal her style. we'll show you how you can get your favorite celebrity's looks for less. and labor day. it's almost here. we have good news. marcus samuelsson is in the kitchen, firing up the grill. this is the way to have an end of summer feast, with marcus here. >> there's corn on that grill. >> smell-o-vision. >> i can't believe summer's almost over. >> can we call it memorial day? we have a good show planned this afternoon on "good afternoon america."
8:32 am
al alania trump is going toe-to-toe and the donald is calling in. >> and the donald? who is missing that? you shouldn't. it's today at 2:00 p.m., 1:00 central and pacific. >> i feel like i'm coming between the two of you. no. tory johnson is here with brand-new "deals and steals" just for our "gma" viewers. these deals are as supplies last. and they go fast. our website is on yahoo! for all of the promo codes to get the bargains. >> perfect. >> how are you? >> i'm great. >> first up, right here on this gorgeous board, wall pops. these are amazing because they're removable. you can put them on the wall. for back-to-school calendars, make your own designs, really fun stuff. especially by jonathan adler. this is a new jonathan adler
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line. normally these range from $18 to $43. but for "good morning america" viewers, we've slashed it in half, for just 9 bucks. get a little jonathan adler in your home. >> 9 bucks. >> and everybody is eyeing these. the brand is milli balanca. this is folks vegan leather. everything on here, nothing has the been animal -- no animal products. >> great. >> have been used at all. these are super gorgeous. you get the look of leather. every girl on the staff is eyeing these, as well as these girls back here. normally these bags, $118 to $149. slashed by more than 50%. $53 to $67. plus, free chipping on this deal, as well. >> not bad. >> lara's stolen one of these.
8:34 am
you're our model. you're modeling it. >> this is from nina winn. beautiful, beautiful pieces. look how gorgeous. a stone with semiprecious beads around it. normally $128. but a huge deal. 38 bucks. plus, free shipping on this deal, as well. >> lara won't give you hers. but i'm going to give you mine. there you go. >> you showed her up. >> just want to -- >> don't worry about it. >> okay. it's christmas. >> sorry, tory. >> always christmas at "gma." high driers, another huge one that viewers ask for all the time, beauty products. this one is fast, quiet, lightweight, cuts your drying time in half. normally 180 bucks for this.
8:35 am
we have it slashed by 53%. $85 for the q zone dryer. >> will last you for a while. bring it on home. >> this is for our boss, margot, who is pregnant. a belly cast kit. all things for mom. josh, do not give us trouble for this. can do the belly cast. and we have talked about women doing it outside of home. you can do it at home. lots of kits to paint your belly and do fun doing things like that. slashed by 50%. these are great as a gift for a pregnant mom. shower activities, so much fun. all of it at on yahoo! >> thank you, tory. and josh thought there was nothing for him. >> this is a lovely gift for our next guest.
8:36 am
chazz. known as a tough guy in movies, like "a bronx tail," "usual suspects." now, you will know him as a different way. it's a new children's movie "oogie love's big balloon adventure." hello to all of you. we'll get to you in a moment. again, you play the lovely guy here. there's no menace to the character. >> no. >> tell us about your character. >> well, milky marvin runs the diner where one of the balloons -- i'm holding one of the balloons for them to come and get it. they have a contest who can drink the milkshake the fastest. whoever gets it, they get the balloon. >> i want to show a clip of the film. >> yeah. just explain it to us. first, we'll take a look.
8:37 am
>> a milkshake? >> how about peppermint, broccoli. >> no problem. >> i'd like dill pickle, warm pickle, chill pickle, please. >> what about you? >> what are we seeing in the movie? what happens here? >> what happens is, they come to me. they get one of -- the second balloon. they have to get five balloons and bring it back for the whole thing to work. >> what drew you to the film? >> well, i love doing kids movies. i've done "stuart little," and "lady and the tramp." i have young children. my daughter's 10. my son is older. my son is 16. and my daughter, gabrielle, is 10. and my wife, who really loves kids' movies, he says, you have to do more kids' movies. my wife was telling me. you're right.
8:38 am
when one comes up like this, i can make it and they can see what daddy does for a living. >> i have a little girl at home. and she is always singing. >> this is a loud theater. interactive movie. and the great thing about this movie is, josh, it has no death. no killing. some of the disney movies are great. but sometimes it makes the kids sad. this is for kids 6 to 8 years old. and it's just fun and about being a kid. >> best of luck. "oogielove and the big balloon adventure." you could get a screening. a special sweepstakes. logon to on yahoo! to enter.
8:39 am
chazz palminteri and gang. let's look again at the weather. hurricane isaac making landfall in new orleans. that's where we find our sam champion. sam? >> hey. good morning, josh. we're checking out the scene that you'we've got a little bit light through the clouds on canal street. it's nice and quiet. the police are doing their job and patrolling. the fear is, in a full day of bad weather, people will try to get outside to check things out today. you need to stay inside until the storm passes you by. let's get to the boards. we are going to take a three-day look at where this rainfall goes. we've had six to ten inches of rainfall. when you see 20 inches of rain from this storm, it is entirely possible and likely that will happen. and look at the fields, all the way up to the mississippi river valley and towards the great
8:40 am
lakes. imagine this storm, a tropical system. >> from the gulf, to the great lakes. a lot need it in the drought areas. it's a tough way to get it with flooding rain. you've seen the live shots out at times square. i'm complete >> josh, i'll tell you. these people are going through yet another storm. and their attitudes are just so positive about it. but it's going to be a long, long day, josh. >> you're going to be there for it all, sam. stay safe. coming up here next, we'll show you how
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8:43 am
8:43. welcome back to "good morning america."
8:44 am
time for celebrities looks for less. love this segment. we're making it work for a fraction of the cost. here is kate dimmock, fashion editor of "people style watch." >> thank you. >> let's get to claire danes, who is always so chic and a little bohemian. >> always lady-like. but there's a little edge in what she is wearing. that little pop of color with the skinny belt looked so good. and her shoes were fantastic. >> bring it on out. >> we have tammy in our version of claire's look for a fraction of the price. claire's shoes were $780. tammy's are from go jane. >> and the big thing is the metallic with the print and the pop of red. >> and these are looks you can wear now into fall. >> and everything here -- all of the pieces, we'll have on our
8:45 am
website, if anybody's interested? >> exactly. >> thank you. so confusing. can barely tell them apart. our next look, our next celeb is emma watson. she is so chic. constantly in the best dressed pages. >> she is a style-setter. you can really watch. she gets the trends and gets them right. here, she does a great look with a little bit of print mixing, threw a chic leather jacket over it. and gave us a little bit of legs. >> give us your best emma. >> and that great print mix. you have a great transitional look. this is something you could be wearing now and again into september. but the leather jacket was over $3,000. lindsay's is $99 by buffalo by david bitten. >> you can wear that with jeans. dress it up, dress it down. we thank you so much,
8:46 am
lindsay/emma. our next celebrity look, this is my personal favorite, kerrey washington. clean and classic. >> this is really our pretty meets tough moment, where she's got this great chic leather skirt. but she adds floral accessories that makes it softer. >> come on out. >> on melanie. so, whereas claire's outfit was almost $2,000. melanie's dress is from ann taylor for $128. >> what did i say in commercial break? i love those pumps. and this is the fun thing. pairing it with a floral shoe. >> these are from nine west. they're about $30. such a great look. >> if you have pieces like this, try it in your closet. live on the edge. our last look. we want to thank you, to melanie. this is charlize theron. this is another great look. >> always looks so chic and cool together. this is a great look. it's a little soft and a little
8:47 am
sexy at the same time. a soft peach jacket, with a leather pant. i think she wore this to the airport. >> you really nailed it. isn't it? >> it's fantastic on laura. her clutch was over $1,500. laura's is a mere $70. but i have to point out laura's shoes. they're on-trend. go, jane, for under $18. >> and the faux leather pants. they're great ideas. look in your closet or go to on yahoo! to learn where to get these items. thank you, ladies. we're going to go to marcus samuelsson next. he is firing up the grill. look at that. stay with us for some great ideas for labor day.
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
back, now, with one of my personal favorites. marcus samuelsson. we've been waiting to try these all morning long. author and chef at red roof harlem. and what did you bring? >> i brought the big steak. the rib eye on the bone. >> on the bone. >> you did some ribeyes on "good morning america," without the bone. bone out. >> bone out. >> bone-in steaks, by all -- more tender, all of it. >> i love cooking the steaks bone-in. they get a little more use ijui. and you want to let them rest. that's the key. you slice them right away, all of the juices are going to go. >> how long do we let them rest? >> ten minutes. this is about celebrating the flavors of summer. i grilled a little scallions. a little garlic and some chile. we're going to mix that up. and that's going to become our
8:51 am
vinaigrette. you put that in. there you go. yes, chef. you're doing it. that's great. i'm putting the garlic in. >> a little mustard. you love your mustard. >> and we're going to put a little worcester sauce in. and we're good. that's the vinaigrette. she's already eating. >> cool it, lara. what do we think? >> phenomenal. >> here they are. they've been resting. you have the juices ready. where's our vinaigrette? >> this is the vinaigrette. it's about celebrating the summer. we charred some corn. we have a little bit of olives. the corn is very sweet. >> really, with this salad, charred corn salad, you can get what you like in there. any kind of vegetables. >> this is corn season. it's tomato season. >> this is delightful. what a way -- could you also use this sauce on a chicken? >> fish, on chicken, with your
8:52 am
corn. this is just a wonderful mix of olive oil. >> i want to get to this. watermelon ice cubes, this drink. >> when you have a party, this is really -- this is iced tea. this is my recipe. this is watermelon iced tea. i even did watermelon iced cubes. >> cheers. >> these are frozen pieces of watermelon. >> as much as i don't want to admit that summer is drawing to a close, if it has to draw to a close, it might as well come out like this. summertime treats on on yahoo! he's marcus samuelsson. we'll be right back.
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8:55 am
a quick word about tomorrow. robin's sister and doctor will both be here, as you get ready to start your medical journey.
8:56 am
and if you have questions about her treatment, tweet her at robin roberts. we're going to try to answer as many of them as possible. >> so many people have questions. we'll try to answer them. i'm going to leave here to be with my sister. her stem cells are being clengted. everything is going well. have a great day, everybody. thank you.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
i'm kristen sze good morning. more kids return to school from summer break that may be the cause for heavy traffic. yeah, a lot of slow spots, a lot of accidents, bay bridge toll still backed up towards the foot of the maze crash oakland 880. heavy traffic across richmond san rafael bridge because after earlier crash. good morning. big weather story temperatures close to where they should be for this time of year. a few clouds along the coast will dissipate as the afternoon unfolds, 60s there. 80s even a


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